To be of service to ones family, country, and humanity at-large. These are essential attributes that must embody the title of "Doctorate".  Lloyd Price was bestowed the title of Doctorate of Humanities by Southern University  for his unparallel and  significant contribution to the American music art form and modern culture.  As a principle pioneer of "Rock and Roll", his body of work spans many years of music history,  many different genres,  capacities, and disciplines. Dr. Price in association with Don King was the "first" to successfully envision and execute  a world wide, pay per view sports event with   "The Rumble In The Jungle", a professional boxing event between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire. This seminal achievement would have been the capstone of many a career, but Dr. Price continues to avail himself as a music innovator and a vital resource, utilizing  his vast wealth of knowledge  lecturing, as well as membership affiliations with various corporate and civic boards. Loved and admired internationally, Dr. Prices' music embodies the essence of American rock and roll, and the great  blues traditions, both which gave birth intrinsically to many American styles.